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The Dangers of Commercial Trucks

There is not a guaranteed, foolproof way to keep us safe when we are driving, because we cannot control the behavior of others sharing the road with us. Staying attuned to potential safety risks on the road is a great way for us to stay safe.

One huge potential safety risk is the 18 wheelers many of us end of having to drive beside. Due to their sheer size, these trucks can impose massive amounts of damage to our vehicles. More importantly, they are potential public safety hazards — putting the lives of us and our loved ones at risk.

I hope you never have to use the information presented in this blog post, but it is much better to be safe than sorry. Keep reading to learn more about commercial truck crashes, and more importantly, what to do if you’re involved in one.

All About Commercial Trucks

Most of us have seen 18-wheelers on the road. Maybe some of you have even driven some before. Regardless of how familiar you are with commercial trucks, here are some quick facts about commercial trucks.

Most semi-trucks are about 70 to 80 feet in length or 1/4th of an average high school football field.
The maximum weight for a semi-truck is a mere 18,000 pounds — which is almost four times the weight of the heaviest of SUVs.
The stop time of an 18-wheeler is, on average, 40 percent more than the stop time for the average car.

As you can tell just by these three bits of information, semi-trucks can pack quite a punch. This is why it is so important to be cognizant of the dangers they can pose to you and other cars on the road.

Causes of Commercial Vehicle Collisions

There are a wide variety of causes of commercial vehicle collisions. Many of these stem around the driver’s negligence. This negligence could be a result of reckless driving habits, fatigue from driving long hours, or just a simple lack of caution.

Another potential cause of an accident could be a mechanical issue with the semi-truck. Because of their unique size and weight, semi-trucks are prone to mechanical problems that ordinary vehicles aren’t. Some of the malfunctions include:

  • Defects in tires
  • Brake issues
  • Engine issues
  • Windshield wiper issues
  • Light outages (including head, and sidelights)

You might be wondering what to do if these malfunctions occur. Don’t worry, we can help you with that, too.

What to Do

If you’re involved in a commercial truck accident, the first thing you should do is to see a doctor. As you can probably tell based on their size, 18-wheeler crashes can be deadly. The insurance claims can wait — make sure that everyone involved in the crash is safe first.

Once you are done healing, the next thing is to reach out to an attorney who specializes in semi-truck collisions. Whether the crash was due to negligence or mechanical failures, one of the experienced attorneys from Russo, Russo, & Slania P.C. could be your best resource to help you get the support you need to receive the proper damages for your experience.

Demandas de Huracanes

La mayoría de las pólizas de seguro cubren expresamente el daño causado por tornados y huracanes. Desafortunadamente, las compañías de seguros frecuentemente niegan reclamos o le pagan menos de lo que se le debe.

En algunos casos, la compañía de seguros tratará de convencerlo que el daño proviene de una inundación resultante en lugar de la tormenta. Pero usted no debe creer a la compañía de seguros. Usted debe consultar con un abogado antes de aceptar la decisión de su compañía de seguros.

Como funcionan:

Usted presenta un reclamo por el daño con su compañía de seguro. La compañía de seguro asignara el reclamo a un ajustador. Después el ajustador mandara a un representante a su casa para evaluar el daño.

Recuerde que el ajustador trabaja para la compañía de seguros y intentara de minimizar el costo para la compañía. El ajustador no está de su lado. Ellos representan a la compañía de seguros y están entrenados para operar en el mejor interés de la compañía.

A menudo, el representante de seguros no tiene la experiencia necesaria para comprender cuánto costará en realidad reparar, reemplazar o arreglar su propiedad, ya sea casas, estructuras comerciales, iglesias, barcos, casas rodantes, etc.

Lo que vemos que ocurre regularmente es que el dinero que le ofrecen no es suficiente para reemplazar lo que ha perdido. Creemos que contratar a un abogado es critico, incluso si no somos nosotros.

Si se convierte en nuestro cliente, enviamos un equipo para inspeccionar su propiedad y ver la extensión completa del daño. Si tenemos que subir al techo, lo hacemos. Nuestro equipo ha realizado miles de estas inspecciones y conocemos todos los pequeños detalles de la construcción y cómo un problema puede conducir a otro. Usted necesita suficiente dinero para pagar todo el daño causado, no solo una pequeña parte.

Aquí hay un ejemplo de cómo podemos ayudarlo y cómo funcionan nuestros honorarios para que no haya sorpresas:

1. Usted presenta un reclamo por el daño.
2. La compañía de seguros envía un ajustador privado que puede ofrecer, digamos $50,000 por el daño a su propiedad.
3. Nuestros ajustadores con experiencia e inteligencia— que están trabajando para usted — vienen sin costo alguno para usted, evaluarán los daños, y le permitirán conocer el valor real de su reclamo, por ejemplo, $200.000.
4. Usted sólo nos paga en la diferencia ($150,000) entre la estimación de la compañía de seguros y el dinero real que recuperamos para usted.

Nuestro objetivo es ayudarlo a regresar a donde estaba antes del huracán.

Williams Kherkher tiene la experiencia para ayudarlo a lidiar con su reclamo de tornado o huracán. Williams Kherkher analizará su póliza para asegurar que la pérdida esté cubierta. Trabajaremos con usted para documentar adecuadamente su pérdida. Además, trabajaremos con un experto o expertos para determinar el alcance de su pérdida.

Es importante contratar a un bufete de abogados con experiencia como Williams Kherkher para ayudarlo con su reclamo. Llamenos hoy para obtener una consulta gratuita.

Why a Family Law Firm Can Make a Big Difference in Your Case

There are a lot of law firms out there that will all compete for your attention. This can make the choice of a lawyer feel very overwhelming. No matter the nature of your case, you probably realize that the lawyer you choose will make or break your case. They may affect how your property is allocated or who gets custody of your children after divorce. They may succeed in getting your criminal charges dropped, or they may fail to defend you properly and let you face harsh penalties for a crime. They may affect how much compensation you get for an injury, or if you get compensation at all.

Narrowing down your choices to the right lawyer or the right law firm can be tricky. Most of us know the basics:

  • Choose a law firm that comes highly recommended
  • Choose a law firm with experience in cases like yours
  • Choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with

Once you get past those basics, though, you may still have a lot of names on your list. So, let me recommend a novel way to cut down the names on your list: choose a family law firm. That’s a qualification that isn’t on a lot of lists, but it can be an important one, and let me tell you why.

A family law firm likely has certain qualities that put them above their competitors. First, they will understand how serious your case is not just for you but for your family. In a family law case, that is particularly important, but it’s almost as important in a personal injury case. You want your lawyer to care. While their experience and legal understanding are obviously important, when your lawyer cares, they put that extra effort in that can be crucial for your case.

That isn’t all, either. A family law firm may promote collaboration between members of the firm. One lawyer is good but two or more is better. Your case will always benefit from multiple perspectives. If the lawyers are family, they are more likely to work together on the tough cases, giving you extra legal assistance.

Those are some pretty compelling reasons. Not sure you buy all that? Just look at the success of family law firms in the Houston area, like Adams Law Firm. Two brothers work together and have had incredible success for their clients, and I don’t think that that’s a coincidence. I think it speaks not just to their individual talents but to the benefits of family members working together in the law for the benefit of clients.

So, if you are struggling between five or six names on a list for who to represent you in your case, see if any of the firms is a family law firm. In my opinion, you’re far more likely to get the kind of experience you are looking for in your lawyer and in the results of your case.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to talk about the best gift ideas out there for the men in your life.

Men aren’t always the easiest to buy for. If you ask directly what they want, they may well give you either the unreasonable—season tickets to their preferred NFL team, a Bugatti Chiron, a month off work—or simply say they don’t want anything at all.

There is plenty that will satisfy most men in your life that fits snuggly in the middle ground between outrageous expense (or impossible demand) and an empty stocking over the mantel. Try a few of these out.

  1. Get him a great watch

Watches may seem old-timey and out of style, but a really great watch will please just about every man. There’s something James Bond-ish about having a classy watch. Get him a watch he’d wear with a good suit, a watch he’ll only wear out to an expensive dinner, and he’ll be super happy to receive it.

Be careful, though, make sure it’s the style he likes, and make double sure it’s a quality watch. Getting him something cheap (or cheap looking) will make the watch a useless gift, or it might make him start wondering if you’re trying to send a message (“Is she saying I’m always late?”).

  1. Get him tickets to one game

You can’t give him season tickets, but if he’s asking, get him part of what he wants. Try to get tickets to one game instead of all 16. Even if you sit in the back row, he’ll be thrilled to be able to tailgate a bit and be there to take in the atmosphere.

Get him a jersey with his favorite player’s name to go with the tickets so he’s got the outfit all ready to go cheer the team on.

  1. Get him beer (or beer accessories)

Men like beer. Not all men, but it’s a good bet yours does. Play a little detective and find out what his favorite kind of beer is, then buy him a big case. Or, take him on a beer tasting tour at one of your local breweries.

Or, if you really want to put out the cash and impress him, get him something like the Growler Chill so he can always have fresh, cold beer whenever he wants it.

  1. Get him clothes that make him look really good

It’s a silly myth that women love clothes and men don’t care what they wear. There may be some truth to it in a day-to-day scenario, but men want to be able to dress up and look good too. If you know his size and what he looks good in, buy him clothes that make him feel handsome and sexy, then take him out for a great night out at a fancy restaurant. Go to a play, walk around town down the fanciest streets, and take a night in a nice hotel together.

Let him live up to the dream image he has of himself in his own mind. He’ll love you forever for it.

Risks of PCBs

Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, are organic compounds that are used in the production of some coolant fluids. Those exposed to PCBs through the line of production, or from the product after its distribution, are at risk of experiencing health effects. Past studies have shown that people who have been exposed to PCBs can develop neurological problems, liver damage, skin diseases, and potentially cancer.

Of all the side effects, one of the most common is Chloracne; this is a skin condition theorized to be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, such as PCBs and Agent Orange. The ailment persists up to decades of years post-exposure, and can leave life-long scars. Employers producing products that contain PCBs are at the highest risk of developing Chloracne, as it is contracted through direct contact or inhalation of these certain chemicals. Depending on the severity of the individual symptoms, treatment can be through antibiotics or acutane. However, the best solution is to disengage from any sources of potential exposure to PCBs.

Furthermore, experimental studies on laboratory rats have demonstrated that the development of cancerous tumors is a result of their ingestion of PCBs. The results of this study are supported by citizens of Anniston, Alabama, and those involved in the Pacific Gas and Electric case. These independent groups vouched their belief in the correlation between PCBs and harmful affects, including cancer.

Familiar with the use of PCBs in their production is Monsanto, an agriculture company that now manufactures farming products. Monsanto PCBs exist in coolant fluid used in electrical transformers, capacitors, and electrical motors. Regardless of their knowledge acquired regarding the emittance of PCBs, production continued.

Exposure to PCBs poses health affects that will seriously damage the quality of a person’s life. Avoiding the chemical is the most affective way evade contraction of the affects, and companies should exercise a high degree of corporate responsibility by discontinuing the incorporation of PCBs in their manufacturing processes.