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Boot Camp Created for Aspiring Start-Ups

Creating a boot camp for eager entrepreneurs searching for the key to a successful start-up business organization sounds like the set up for a scam, but VentureCamp seems like the real deal. However, the camp is as much a start-up as the businesses it hopes to foster, partially inspired by the sprawling mansion which Chad Folkening found himself unable to live in or sell but still hearkened for a purpose.

The maiden voyage of VentureCamp began in June 2013, with twelve carefully selected businesspeople, just as many successful guest speakers, and one 26,000 square foot house nestled in the northeast side of Indianapolis, despite its neighbors’ opposition. The selected campers don’t pay a dime to attend the eight-week interactive seminar in which they’ll hear lectures, receive personal coaching, and eventually team up to develop genuine business plans to take back to the real world.

Naturally, the experience is being filmed reality television-style, following the participants around with cameras from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep. VentureCamp hopes to use the footage to advertise itself, privately or publicly. Participants don’t seem to mind, though. Constant surveillance is a small price to pay for the chance to take their start-up dreams and bring them to life.

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  1. I think those participants that don’t mind will start being a little bothered by the end of 8 weeks. That’s a long time to have cameras in your face from sunrise to sunset.

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    Do you have a facebook where I can see more posts like this?

  4. Law is always so puzzling to me, thanks for making sense of it.

  5. Your blog is improperly displaying characters when I use Ubunto with Google Chrome. Just thought you should know!

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    Criminal defense is serious business and I am grateful that someone is writing about it.

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