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Road Defects: A Threat to Safe Driving

To millions of people in the US who drive to their destinations every day, strict observance of traffic rules is doubly important – actually, anything that will ensure their safety and the safety of their passengers, especially children. No driver would ever want to be in an accident, just as much as no driver would ever want to cause one. Thus, driving with extra care, always having in thought everyone’s safety, is both a civil and moral obligation of everyone.

So many still fail to drive with total care, though, as they allow themselves to be distracted, fail to use signals or speed in their desire to reach their destination fast. Due to this, the number of car accidents in the US still reaches millions annually despite continuous information and education on safe driving plus constant reminders on observance of traffic rules. Regardless of how an accident happens, one underlying fact encompasses all of its types – that it is always a product either of reckless of careless behavior. It can be due to driver mistakes, like those mentioned above; but it can also be caused by the mediocre attitude of a vehicle part manufacturer, who compromises quality of parts for bigger income, or the unconcern of authorities in charge of road safety signs and maintenance. It takes only one substantial mistake from any of these persons for a road or motor vehicle accident, with devastating results, to happen.

It is a fact that the major cause of car accidents is driver error; but there are also lots of instances when the cause of accidents is a defective car part or, the more serious, road defects, especially on non-interstate roadways, as these affect all motorists. The list of road defects include faulty guardrail end treatments, potholes, substandard road construction, defective design of the roadway, wrong , misplaced or absent road signs, lack of pedestrian crossings, lack of traffic lights or railroad crossing lights, insufficient  street lighting, poor skid resistance of roadways and many more.

Whoever is responsible in maintaining road defects, but fails to repair it fast, is responsible for any accident that occurs due to it. If you’re a victim of a car accident and have sustained injuries because of these defective roads, then you can seek legal help to bring the liable party to justice and receive compensation from them.