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Having a Heart Attack Does Not Get You Out of Car Crash Fines

The carelessness rule that governs most of personal injury liability says that in an accident between two people, the more careless person should compensate the less careless one. However, in the recent case of a 20-year-old New Jersey man, Dan Langley, who caused a car wreck because he was struck by a heart attack while driving, could you label him as being careless?

Police officers who rushed to the scene saved the man’s life by immediately performing CPR, but then slapped him with three tickets for causing the wreck. Langley’s doctor was uneasy about the fines and felt more consideration was due to the situation. The CBS New York article covering the incident discloses that the man’s doctor “wrote the court a note, asking to forgive Langley for having the heart attack which caused the wreck”, which reads a bit like a parent asking a school to forgive their child’s absence because he had the flu.

Luckily for Langley, the court did finally consider his medical condition and the fact that there were no further injuries to anyone involved in the crash. They forgave two of the tickets, although they found him still responsible for a portion of the third ticket, which amounted to $133.

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    I wonder if his car insurance would have covered any of the tickets.

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  3. This was interesting!

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